REO Management

and Sales Platform

Technology and Field Operations

We offer the leading repossessed real estate listing and sales platform, where major 

banks convert REO's to cash. 

Please Call Me

We provide contact center for potential buyers. 

Phone, e-mail and chat support to provide detailed information about your listings and e-auction process. 

Field Operations

Call Center

Listing & E-Auction


We provide in-depth reports on the e-auction system, contact center and field operations. These insights will guide you through your decision making. 

We provide proven listing and electronic auction software that ensures transparency to the buyer and the institution. Increases participation and competiton resulting in higher valuations.

After receiving the key from you, we can undertake all field operations such as; pre-cleaning, banner hanging, organising open houses, maintenance and repair service.

Ulaş Ergenç

Odeabank – Construction Real Estate Expertise and Mortgage Manager

With Intengo we have a brand new way of selling our REO's. Intengo is actively involved in every stage of real estate sales (banner hanging, open houses, cost tracking, etc.). E-auction is more transparent and fair for the bank and the buyer. The system gathers more interested buyers by publishing listings on many platforms. With Intengo we were able to sell our REO's faster.

Mehmet Gül

Real Estate Customer

For the first time I bought a real estate from an e-auction system. I think it was a highly successful, safe and professionally designed system. I liked it very much. It is immaculate, there are no question marks. I want to thank the team that gives answer every question I asked. I felt supported during the whole process and felt comfortable and safe all the time.